How functional behavior analysis empowers you to help your child be their best self

6:30-7:30pm Wednesday, April 13 on Zoom

Special needs children are often labeled “oppositional defiant” or “troubled,” but starting from the basic assumption that all children want to “be good,” functional behavior analysis asks the question: “What need is not being met, which causes a child to act out?” Whether you are a parent/caregiver or an educator learn about

  • The four basic drivers that motivate difficult behavior
  • How to figure out what need a child’s behavior is communicating
  • Strategies to help a child get what they need in a socially appropriate way
  • When to ask for a functional behavior assessment at school and what it includes

From our speaker Craig Estee, M.Ed, BCBA, LABA, Special Educator, Behavior Analyst for ASD in Cambridge Public Schools, learn a science-based approach for getting to the root cause of difficult behaviors so that you can create the environment that will let your child be their best self.

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